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Heather's Tummy Fiber

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Heather's Tummy Fiber™ Acacia Senegal

* Economical 1 pound pouches! 

* Helps multiple IBS symptoms

* Ingredient: Pure organic acacia powder

* 100% acacia senegal, NOT low grade seyal

* As part of the diet, regulates bowel motility

* Relieves IBS constipation AND diarrhea

* Dietary soluble fiber; not insoluble fiber

* USDA certified organic ~ Kosher certified

* Prebiotic effect increases good gut flora

* No additives, fillers, colors, flavors or gluten

* Tasteless, odorless, colorless, grit-free

* Will not thicken on standing - No choking risk!

* Add to cup, then add liquid

* Or, add to moist foods

* Or, add to bottled water, shake


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Acacia Senegal Tummy Fiber, Organic, 16 oz (453 g)