Vision Class

Vision Class

See more comfortably and clearly.  Learn ways to care for your vision yourself.  Holistic Vision Improvement is based on the fact that we see better when we’re relaxed.  Seeing is a natural process, like digesting, sleeping and breathing; there are things we do that can hinder or help these activities. Whether you have always seen clearly and want to preserve your good sight or if you’ve worn glasses or contacts for years, you can take more charge of your vision.  In this two hour class you will learn simple things you can do and habits you can change, so you see more easily and with more clarity. 

If there is a specific topic you are interested in learning about simply request the topic by sending an email or calling Gerri.

If you are looking for non-emergency care then you can either schedule an appointment or for more DIY help please join the membership program to access our articles and videos


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Please fill out the form to schedule an appointment with Gerri.  We will be in contact to confirm your appointment.  If you have additional questions please call us at 303-815-3567

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Having the correct mindset is extremely important in order for us to work together.  A fixed mindset is where people would like to make a change but they don't have the courage to get out of there comfort zone.  A growth mindset is demonstrated by people that don't accept the status quo and they make a conscious effort to make changes in their lives.  In order to see consistent success in our programs we need people that are in a growth mindset.

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