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Gerri often hears an athlete, who has trained extensively, describe how he or she crashed or hit the wall during an event. This is typically a result of inadequate nutrition. An athlete extends so much effort to training schedules and exercise, yet pays little attention to the proper nutrition. All that time and effort goes down the drain during the race because of inadequate nutrition. It's like neglecting to fill the gas tank.

Nutrition not only has to do with what an athlete ingests during the race (water, gels, and sports drinks), but what the athlete does during training (weeks/months) prior to the competition. It also has a lot to do with recovery. Getting proper nutrients at the right time really can maximize the athletes ability to recover and thus even help prevent injury and maximize the effects of training..

At the highest level of competition in sport, nutritional intervention may make the difference between winning and losing. Inadequate eating habits may prevent even the best athletes from realizing their full potential.

Injuries are an unavoidable part of sport and enhancing recovery is crucial for athletes. Many modalities such as rest and ice are commonly practiced by the injured in an attempt to recover. One aspect of that is often overlooked is nutrition.

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